The most fun I’ve ever had with a table!
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Brink is a game of table-top toss for the whole family. 


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Twelve sturdy cards and hours of fun packed into a little box.

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The Game


The goal of Brink is to get your cards on the table's edge without falling off. All you need is a table, fifteen minutes, and a few excitable people!

If you can toss a card you can play Brink.

The game consists of a Scoring Line and eleven humorous characters who desperately want to avoid being tossed over the edge. Each card is made from high quality plastic that will last many many many many tosses.


The Story


There once was a land where no one took risks. Every day they chose the easy way and slowly but surely their land shrunk smaller and smaller and smaller...

...Until one day King found a cliff out his front door.

Terrified, he dared his bravest to explore the dangerous edge and discover new land. But alas these were the bravest he could find...


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How to Play

  1. Set the scoring card a foot or two from the far edge of the table.
  2. Aim for the edge and toss all eleven character cards one at a time.
  3. Add up your score. Cards over the edge without falling off (Brinked) are worth ten points. Cards in the scoring zone are worth 1pt. Cards on the ground or not fully in the scoring zone are worth 0pts. Special colored cards have special ways of scoring (see each card).
  4. Game ends when one player's cumulative score reaches 50pts.  Player with the highest cumulative score at the end of the round wins.

The Origin


When Grandpa Mike had both his hips replaced he couldn’t move much for a while. Luckily he had a bunch of expired credit cards lying around and we started tossing them back and forth across the table. Before long we made up rules and started keeping score and Brink was born!


The Design Process


We started with credit cards and club cards and calling cards and we tossed and we tossed. We spent hours inventing rules. Then we spent hours inventing special scoring cards. Then we spent hours inventing funny characters. Then we asked other people to play and...

...none of it made sense.  

So we tested and tested and tested with anyone who would play a game of Brink. Office tables... Picnic tables... Dining tables... Folding tables... Coffee tables... Each time we made it simpler and simpler and simpler until it was perfect and ready for you to play.


The Barrys


The Barrys really like to play games. And when there isn’t a game to play we’ll make up one with what’s around. We hope you enjoy this one as much as we do.  


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